“Total transformation...my thought process: understanding the lifestyle and EVERY thought I think🦋 AND! AND! I can fit in all the pants :-) I have freedom! I have confidence! I have peace! I have courage! Since the Raw Reset I have been maintaining beautifully. It’s very hard to say what has helped me the most, your vibrant true to self living, your openness, and the things you say are as though you are walking through my day with me – if you are eating a date every time you walk through the kitchen…”

“I expected to finish the month with a solid understanding of how to make a good dressing, learn what a day of appropriate calories, fruit and fat would be. And after I followed through for the month, I expected to see some weight loss. And all 3 happened!! And the bonus was how wonderful Tanny and the Reset FB community was and continues to be. I am still following my Tanny plan to the letter, since 11/6/19. I love it, no cravings and my weight is steadily dropping.”