5 Reasons You Need to Bounce!

One of my top self-care acts is one that has almost unlimited benefits… and that’s rebounding!

A rebounder is basically a small trampoline. You bounce around on it just a little every day and sit back and reap the benefits!

Rebounding increases the G-Force on your body, which is extremely beneficial for many reasons. The biggest one is that it increases lymphatic drainage, which improves circulation and helps detoxify your entire system. It’s almost like a squeezing out of the waste in the cells, allowing the nutrients to come in. To me it’s a huge key in kickstarting your detox or even helping you get through it. 

But here are five more reasons why you need to get your bounce on pronto:

  1. It gets rid of and prevents cellulite.
    Rebounding is a skin-toning exercise. It will help tighten your skin, leaving little room for cellulite to hang around. 

  2. It’s great for weight loss.
    Of course - it’s exercise, people! You get 50% more weight loss from rebounding than running.

  3. It’s easier on the joints than running.
    Rebounding offers many of the same benefits as some other forms of exercise - such as running - but without the strain on certain parts of your body such as your hips, your knees!

  4. It’s energizing.
    Middle of the day you’re feeling a little slumped, just hop on your rebounder for 10 minutes for an instant pick-me-up.

  5. It rejuvenates your cells.
    Even down to your eyes. You’re pumping out cells, almost like squeezing out of the waste like you would a sponge to allow for nutrients to come in. 

You truly could do nothing but rebounding. It’s been the basis of my physical health, the cornerstone of my exercise routine for many many years now.

Trust me! Get your rebound on now 🤸

If you want to know more, check out this video I made about rebounding.

Oh! And here’s the one I recommend: Click here to get to Amazon.

See you later, bouncing butterfly! 🦋