Can I Still Eat With Non-Vegans?

Concerned about having non-vegan friends and family over for dinner, or meeting them out at mealtimes? I know I was when I first started out on the raw vegan lifestyle… and for years after that still. But just like everything it’s all about the practice and getting yourself in the right mindset. Here’s how I finally learned to handle my hang-ups around hanging out with non-vegans.

What will they think?

The thing about what other people think is that first of all, it doesn’t matter. But also… they don’t care as much as you think they do! They’re all too worried about their own selves without having to worry about what you’re doing on top of that. 

But I will say this: people do not harass me about my lifestyle, and that’s because my confidence in what I’m doing radiates out. I believe others can see that I know what I’m doing is right for me, and I don’t need their approval. So be confident. You embarked on the LFRV journey for a reason, didn’t you? Hold on to that. 

What will they eat?

If you’re having non-vegan friends and family over for dinner, you might not be thrilled at the thought of them bringing over fried chicken, but you don’t want to force your food on them either. Because remember: people don’t want you to change them. And if you try, most of the time that won’t end well. You’ll end up pushing them away.

So what can you do? 

If you’re having friends over for dinner, try this. Whip out your best raw vegan recipe. Make something that looks appetizing, and possibly like something they might see anywhere. Show them that your eating habits aren’t restrictive and that you eat delicious food every day. Hopefully, they’ll be tempted to try it. I always make enough for my guests, but I will not insist and if they don’t eat it, then that’s more for me! I wrap it and keep it in the fridge and have leftovers the next day.

What if my partner isn’t vegan?

Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t eat the same foods as you doesn’t have to be hard. Who said you had to eat the same meals anyway? You can each eat the foods you choose and enjoy each other’s company. Maybe your partner is curious about the LFRV diet and you can make them a meal once a week. But if they aren’t, don’t push them. You do you and they’ll follow if they choose to.

You know in your heart that eating raw, live foods is the right thing to do. You know it brings life and health and vibrance. But you can’t make others know that too. The best we can do is throw the seed. Water that seed gently, and with care, lead by example.

It’s important to meet people, and love them where they’re at. Love them the way they are ready to receive love, not the way you want to give it. 

So no matter what the obstacles you see in front of you butterfly, I want you to know that you can break them down. They are just imaginary obstacles and if you really want to make an excuse to stray from your plan, you’ll always find one. But if you’re determined and confident in your decision, there’s nothing that can stop you!