How a Raw Vegan Deals with Detox

Detox—It takes years to accumulate toxins and chemicals; Give your body time to heal.

If you’re living in the modern world—which you are—You are subject to hundreds of thousands of chemicals and toxins throughout your life. Whole, raw foods are essential to feeling on top of the world and living a truly healthy life; however, when you’re moving from a cheeseburger a day to a plant-based diet (or even if you’re transitioning from vegan to raw), it is realistic to expect you’ll experience some detox symptoms. But don’t let that stop you!

Detox, or the fear of it, can keep a lot of people from moving forward with a healthy whole-food raw diet. In so many cases, people begin to cleanse with great intentions, but as symptoms start to rear their ugly heads, they turn back rather than move through to the other side.

Our bodies are made up of organs and systems to help us clean up and heal; However, consider how much you accumulate after 10, 20, 30, and 40+ years of eating a standard diet—a standard diet that’s mostly comprised of chemicals, artificial flavors, animal fats, and other junk. These poor organs and systems get bogged down and need a jump start to get back to cleaning house. Think of what happens to a car if you give it the wrong kind of fuel or never change the oil. You can’t blame that car for stalling out, right?

Just like our cars, we need maintenance and upkeep. The organs get completely overwhelmed and can shut down.

With all that build-up, our organs and systems get sluggish. The health of our eliminatory organs is actually a huge factor when it comes to getting both healthy and slim. When those things are backed up, there is going to be a struggle. So let’s streamline it. Make everything easier by assisting the organs and aiding in the flow of the symptoms that you can experience with detox.

The Body During Detox

So, a lot of people ask me what’s happening to the body during detox. All these toxins that landed in our systems over time can be stored as fat cells. This is the body’s way of trying to fight the toxins and protect itself. These fat cells keep the toxins away from your organs, but, as we know, too many fat cells can lead to a host of other issues.

Now, a lot of people jump right into the “I have to lose weight” mode and do all these crazy different things. It’s not about losing weight. That will come. Think about fueling your body and absorbing every nutrient to help you grow stronger and more vibrant than ever.

Detox: The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly.

When we start to get healthy and commit to consuming living foods, these cells start to dump out the sludge and toxins in our system. As they are circulating through our system we are bound to have reactions also known as detox symptoms. The good thing is: as these new healthy living foods move through the body, they act like a broom and sweep out the debris.

Unfortunately, the symptoms can be uncomfortable.

In some cases, detox symptoms can include acne breakouts, a white-coated tongue, oral ulcers, a bit of hair loss, and aching joints. You can have brain fog, experience irritability, and road rage and confusion. Even the remnants of old over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions that have been embedded in the cells can make an appearance again. You can have massive headaches, blurred vision, stuffiness, and mucus. All of this is your body trying to eliminate the toxins. Let them out.

It will be over soon!

A lot of people are also wondering: How long does detox last?

In some cases, the symptoms can come in waves. You may have some today and then you’re body starts to calm down, but then the symptoms return a few days later. Just remember, your body is working its way back to a healthy state. It’s starting to regenerate the cells on a deeper level. Just like the fish tank, you start by cleaning the water, but it takes a bit to clear out the algae under the rocks and hidden corners of the tank. It all really depends on how much cleansing is required to get back to a healthy, clear and clean state.

Just remember: Your health is in your own hands. When you start taking personal responsibility for what you consume, you can change your health forever and never have to go back. You have the power to heal from within!

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