Food Combining On A Raw Vegan Diet

Hey, Hey!

I’m big on food experimentation, more specifically food combining. I love to play with flavors, textures, colors, scents and the juiciness of ripe raw whole foods. As I continue to heal and regenerate through these nutrient-dense foods over the years, I am more and more fascinated by their chemistry and how they interact with each other in my body when consumed raw. This is how I have been able to maximize every nutrient per forkful for so many years—and the healing is real.

Here’s some food for thought today. When you take the next bite, consider the following...

Foods digest at different rates.

When a fast-digesting food follows slow digesting food in the gut tract, it gets stuck—like a traffic jam. And what happens when food is ready to leave the body but it can’t? You create fermentation in the belly.

Your previous food needs to be digested before you have your next. I suggest eating the fast-digesting foods first and the slow digesting foods after, but in the right combination. The real key to success is to include greens with every bite, as this helps keep the gut tract flowing with ease.

Some examples of slow-digesting foods are:

🥑 Avocado
🥜 Nuts
•••  Flaxseed
🥕 Carrots

Some examples of quick-digesting foods include:

🍈 Melon
🍊 Oranges
🍇 Grapes
🍌 Bananas

Obviously, the goal is for easy streamlined digestion and through the power of greens, fruits, and healthy plant fats, we can achieve this through some extremely simple and tasty combinations.

You can check out this video and get some tips for food combining!

More on this topic soon!