How To Stay Raw Vegan On The Go

Being raw vegan is a way of improving all aspects of your life, so you have to make it work for you.

Whether you’re traveling, trying to get through a long day at work, or heading out to a concert, going out into the world as a raw vegan takes planning. What if you get hungry? Where will you find food you can eat without the cheat? How will you keep from straying from your plan? These are the questions that can run through your head (or even keep you from succeeding) if you don’t have a plan.

If you’re not normally a planner, it takes practice. It’s not hard, it’s just different. And when you’ve got it, you have it, and you won’t even have to try anymore.

So what you need to do is think ahead to what you might need, and make sure you have it on you, ready. Don’t let yourself go hungry. We all know the best decisions are never made on an empty stomach.

Here are some tips to preparing for success: 

1. Prepare a dressing 

If you’re going on a trip with other people and you know you might end up going to the restaurant, prep a dressing ahead of time. Make sure to bulk it up so you can order a salad and just add your dressing to it to turn it into a nice satiating meal.

2. Prep your meals and snacks

If you know you’ve got a long day at work, make sure you have everything you need to get you through. Pack everything in Green Boxes to keep it nice and fresh so you can put it back in the fridge when you get home if you didn’t eat it. Make a huge green smoothie in the morning, this can get you through the day even if you don’t have much else, I promise! 

3. Get the menu in advance

Where are you going? Look up the restaurant beforehand and see what you’re gonna be working with. Look up the city or country and find out about the neighborhood you’ll be visiting - are there any juice bars? What fresh produce grows there?

4. Have tricks up your sleeve

What if you’re going to be on the move all day? Or all week? Or you’re not even sure when or how often you’re gonna be on the go, to make it even more confusing, and you don’t know if you’ll have time to food prep? You know what I do? I make sure I have some chia seeds in my bag, so I can head to the nearest store to grab some strawberries and sprinkle the chia over them. You could do the same with dulse flakes. Or green powder. Figure out what works for you - some handy ingredients that can save you on the go and transform an ordinary snack into something more fun.

5. Get in the mental space

For me, this is the most important one of all. The mindset of you being able to go out to eat, travel, go on a cruise, date anybody, be around your family… has got very little to do with what you’re eating, and everything to do with your mental game.

Remember butterfly: Nothing tastes better than feeling good feels.