Skin brushing for cellulite and cell renewal

Do you want a cheap and easy way to rid yourself of cellulite, to detox your lymphatic system, to renew your skin, to tone up the biggest organ of your body? Are you skin brushing? 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to make a self-care routine a priority. I’m not just talking about the foods you eat, I’m talking about daily routines - rituals - that you do for yourself. Getting into the habit of taking care of yourself puts you in the right mindset for staying on track with your raw vegan diet. 

Skin brushing is a simple routine that you can do before you take a shower each day. 

Here are the benefits:

  • The repetitive motion moves the toxicity and the fluids out of your body. Fewer toxins in the body allow your organs to do their job better and your immune system will be boosted.
  • This also means the connective tissues in your body can rebuild themselves which in my case, helped me rid myself of my cellulite.
  • It encourages the quicker formation of new cells in your body. 
  • It stimulates the nervous system, which will help firm up your skin and tone your body.
  • It smoothes down your rough skin to make it baby soft.

Now there are different ways to do this. Long, light but firm strokes. Circular strokes. You do want to brush in the direction that the natural lymph flows. For a real-life demonstration head right here, here and here

Don’t forget butterfly, one of the hardest parts of picking up a new habit is remembering to make it a habit. I keep my brush in view - it’s hanging in the bathroom by the shower. This reminds me that it’s part of my shower-time routine and I remember to do it every day. But really, once you’ve been doing this every day for a month, let’s be honest you’re probably not going to forget to do it.