Starve the Craving. Fuel the Body.

If you’re from my generation it’s likely that you were raised to think pizza, meatloaf, chicken tenders, and Cheetohs were food. I was. I also spent most of my young adult life trapped in a dis-eased body that was barely sustained by these “toys” (or processed fake food).

When our diet is out of alignment with our body’s needs, we crave the thing we think is missing.

Processed ‘foods’ are packed with additives and stripped of nutrients. When we eat these toys, our bodies go into search mode for finding any nutrients possible. When the body has to work harder, the cravings start to set in. These cravings are strong—and combined with the mental and emotional attachments we have for comfort ‘foods’, we often end up with the same result over and over again: binge eating junk that has no nutritional value and lines our bodies with toxic sludge, and yet we still want more.

You have to starve the craving; Instead, fuel the body.

Every time you feed a craving, you kick it back up. Oil, refined food, meat—all pumped with preservatives and hormones, fat, salt, sugars that will make you crave more. Quit feeding that specific craving and it will go away.

Let me be clear. When I say “starve the craving”, I do not mean depriving yourself of healthy foods or anything that the body intrinsically needs to survive and thrive. If you’re already eating whole healthy raw foods, you won’t experience these cravings day-to-day because your body is getting what it needs. But if you’re working off of a Standard American (SAD) or junk-food vegan diet, your body is accustomed to some serious addictive chemicals which cause the unhealthy cravings. What I mean is: acknowledge the craving (what it is and where it’s coming from) and then dismiss it.

How do you starve a craving? Have a plan. There is always something you can do instead of feeding that nagging illusion that you need to have that sugar for energy.

Don’t get the idea that I walk around unsatisfied and unfulfilled with my diet. If I want some crunch, then I make me up some raw crackers. If I want a wrap, I’ll make that. If I want something hearty and warm, I make a soup. If I want to spice or sweeten things up, I will pick one of the 1000 recipes I have for dressings I’ve come up with. If I need something to tide me over after dinner, I drink my fennel tea. You have to know what works for you, but you have to have a plan first.

You’re saying, “Tanya, that’s easier said than done.” I know. It’s hard. It’s a battle, but it’s a battle you can win if you accept that ‘toys’ cheat you from finally getting to the other side where you’re not controlled by your craving or doped up on chemicals, salt, and sugar.

There is another side to health where you wake up feeling light, energized, craving a smoothie, and ready to go. There is another side of health where your focus is on your family, friends, and self-care, not the food you put into your mouth to feed emotions, boredom, or your body’s false alarms. This all starts with you (but I’m here to coach you along ;).

Love and Light, Tanny