The Power of Plants to Heal Scars

When I started out on the Low Fat Raw Vegan diet and my nodular acne started to clear up, I had a lot of scars. Stretch marks were also an issue for me and I’d always suffered from hyperpigmentation. And then I discovered this Turmeric Mask.

I find it helps to drastically fade marks, scars, dark spots on the skin, dark circles under the eyes (and it also exfoliates the skin). I used to do it almost every day but now I find I only need to do it about once a week.

You can easily find recipes for this mask online but they often contain milk or yogurt because of the lactic acid but I find you don't need it. And anyway as a vegan, I’d prefer to avoid dairy products on my face. I don’t use honey either so I don’t put that in there.

Here’s what you need:

  • turmeric
  • a small glass bowl
  • an old shirt you’re not worried about staining
  • 1tsp coconut oil a brush (I actually just use a paintbrush)

Mix it up and apply onto skin with the brush, and you just leave that on for about 15 minutes. Rub it around using circular motions with your fingers - or a microfibre cloth works wonders.

It has no joke smoothened my scars out and lightened them up, in a drastic way. I honestly thought I was going to have to live with them for the rest of my life or undergo some kind of serious chemical treatment.

Do you see all the ways in which plants give us the gift of healing?

Give it a try, tell me how it works for you butterfly.

Love + Light

P.S. Watch this video where I explain it all.