Using food to deal with emotions

Are you celebrating with food? Doping yourself up with food? Hiding, covering yourself up with food? Comforting yourself? Avoiding things?

I get it. It’s human nature. We want to escape pain. 

We want to fix the feeling. How can I feel better? So we try to find the thing that can do that. We want to find the fix. 

But there isn’t “one thing” that’s gonna make you lose weight or your hair grow. There isn’t “one thing” to overcome your gut disorder. 

It’s not an overnight fix.

You wanna know one thing that’s gonna get you the results you want? To do all the things at a pace that feels reasonable.

To feel better we have to be able to feel better. We need to feel the emotions in motion and not label them as good or bad (I got that from Ekhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”, I recommend adding that to your reading list). Because what I know for sure is that everything is easier to think through, and come through, and become more from, when you’re clean, clear and bright. When you wake up in the morning and your eyes are bright ✨. You know?

When you’re having one of those moments, where it feels like feelings are too much, and you want to reach for the Doritos, you have to be able to stop yourself in the moment. Be in the front of your brain. Think to yourself: How am I gonna feel after I eat this? 🤢

See if you can figure out an activation rule you can use. For example you might breathe in for 4, hold it for 4, and take a breath out for 6.

Then get yourself back onto your plan 💪.

We all need to take responsibility for our own health. When you go to the store, there will be Ranch flavored Doritos. There will be cravings. It’s up to you not to buy them. If there’s a lady serving Beanie Weenie samples, it’s up to you to politely turn them down. It’s not Costco’s fault for selling them. It’s not the lady’s fault for doing her job. If you took ‘em, then you’re the one who took yourself down that alley and you’re the only to blame.

And guess what, if you do go down that alley, that doesn’t mean the day’s a write-off, or that you failed. It is not the demise of you, it is the rise of you. It means you get to do better to be better. It means stronger today than you were yesterday.

You can do this butterfly 🦋

Love + Light,