Weight Loss on a Raw Vegan Diet

On the raw vegan diet and still not losing weight?

This could be why.

So you’ve been on the raw vegan diet for some time now, but you’re not losing any weight. Maybe you’re even … putting on weight. This, of course, is perfectly fine if that was your intention but what if you were hoping to lose a few pounds?

Before you give up or become disheartened, here’s something to think about.

How much fruit juice are you drinking?

We tend to never question fruit and veggies. They’re raw, right? They’re healthy. Therefore it’s okay to throw a bunch of them into a juicer and drink, right? Wrong. At least for fruit, it is.

See the thing is, fruit without the fiber registers in your body as a higher sugar content. So when you drink fruit juice you can get a blood sugar spike because you’re not giving your body the fiber to balance that (during the juicing process fruit loses its fiber). So this can make you feel erratic and unbalanced. It’s also quickly assimilated and digested and doesn’t give you the longevity of the whole fruit.

Say you drink a 12oz jar of apple juice as a snack, right? That’s an amount I can easily kick back on my way out to the mailbox and back.

Do you have any idea how many apples it takes to make a 32oz jar of apple juice? It could easily take 10 or more apples to make that juice. The number of apples will depend on their size and the juicer used.

Now, first of all, you would probably never sit there and eat this many apples as a snack, would you? I really don’t think your body is equipped to manage that amount of fruit juice coming in with no fiber. It can be hard for the liver and pancreas to process so much juice at one time.

I do believe in juicing for its medicinal purposes. I believe in drinking low glycemic green juices, perhaps sweetened with an of a green apple. This is a big difference in the sugar load than 32 oz of apple juice for example.

Just think about the calories … Calories do matter

You need the number of calories your body needs, not more and not less in order to maintain weight. A little more if you want to gain weight, and a little less if you want to lose weight.

Do you know how many calories a 32oz jar of apple juice has? 466!! So let’s do a little calculation here: if you are having an additional 500 calories a day on top of your energy needs (the number of calories your body needs), every day for a week, that’s 3500 extra calories a week. That amount of energy equals a pound. That’s 4 pounds a month you could be gaining. Before you know it that jar of juice every day just put 48 pounds on you in a year. 

And the sugar!

About sugar. So sugar blocks this thing in our body called “leptin receptors”. Leptin is a hormone in your body that tells you you’re full. Another thing sugar does is raise your insulin level. When insulin levels are raised it makes it hard for your body to burn through stored fat.

And yes, that goes for sugar found in fruit juice, too, which is natural sugar. I’m not trying to say it is the same as processed sugar, but it is something we have to be mindful about.

It’s important to remember, just because it’s vegan doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Refined sugar is vegan. But it’s basically calories with no nutrients. The very definition of junk food, for sure! Plus it’s addictive, all while blocking the leptin that’s trying to tell you that you’re full so you keep on consuming it even more! Can you see the vicious cycle?

And while we’re on the topic of sugar, alcohol is received by your body like sugar, so if you’re drinking alcohol that’s something to look into as the cause of your weight gain. Plus it has all kinds of other detrimental effects that put you way back that I’m not even going to get into. You get the picture. 

So what can I do? Surely I shouldn’t cut out fruit?

No, of course, you should keep fruit in your diet, but you can just change the way you consume it. For instance, pair it with greens in a smoothie. Then you’re really upping your game. Plus that’ll give you much better satiation levels than fruit so actually, you’ll get nourished and full faster and for longer.

Another thing you can do is eat whole fruits instead of blending them into fruit juice. I’m willing to bet you’ll stop yourself before you get to 10 apples!!

But my biggest recommendation is to bulk up with low-calorie foods that are high in nutrients. You can easily find a calorie density chart. That way you are always gonna be full and therefore always in control of your little self, and before you know it, the pounds are gonna start dropping off.

Then guess what? As you lose weight, your body typically needs less food to maintain itself. Almost simultaneously you started exercising more because you feel better so you’re burning more. And you’re on your way to a more energetic, healthier, happier you!

And that makes me happy!

Love + Light, Tanny