What's Really At The Root Of Your Cravings?

You may want to change your eating habits but have been finding it difficult. That’s normal. It’s uncomfortable changing habits, especially when we have a “special” relationship with food.

But it’s all about baby steps 👶. One day at a time, being kind to yourself. But most importantly, one thing that can really help is understanding what’s at the root of your cravings.

“Food addict’ is a label you may have given yourself. Might I lovingly suggest that you are actually addicted to escapism and food is just the tool you are using?

When you try to quit your food addiction you’ll get cravings and your mind will play tricks on you. It’ll make you believe you want that thing you’re trying not to have because it will play on your fear of emptiness, that feeling that comes along when you are alone with nothing to do. 

Try instead to sit with it. Try to understand that the feelings of discomfort are just reality kicking back in. We don’t like discomfort, we don’t wanna face it, so it’s easier to grab ice cream or that cigarette, so you can escape reality before it catches up with you.

But where does that get you? Does this bring you to a place of love and light?

So here’s a little game you can play. Say your favorite show’s about to come on TV and you usually sit down and watch it with a bag of Cheetos but today you’re gonna sit and do nothing while you watch it because you’ve committed to not eating after dinner. Just sit there and watch the craving for your disintegrating normal behavior course through your veins. And tell it: “Oh craving, I’ve been expecting you.”

Sit there without the drugs in your blood and observe this mindfully.

You’ve got to be willing to ‘feel’ the moment, and not ‘fill’ it with something that stuffs it down because it will arise again. Once you feel through it, you’ll see an end, a resolution and understand that “this too shall pass” just like every other uncomfortable moment before.

It’s not easy, I know that. But, you can do it butterfly 🦋. I believe you can 😇. And remember if you stumble, that’s not the end. If you had a piece of chocolate don’t give yourself a hard time and don’t think “Oh well I might as well scrap the rest of today and have ice cream too, and add a glass of wine on top of that.” Just accept it and get back on track with your plan.

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