The Raw Food Mastery Summit—I’m in!

The Raw Food Mastery Summit begins April 16, 2018! I have exciting news, Y'all! My friends Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C. invited me to be part of a jaw-droppingly talented group of pros in the fields of health and raw vegan living. Our interviews will be part of a series called the Raw Food Mastery Summit. A Free (Yet priceless) Raw Vegan Resource The best news—It's a FREE event. You must join me on April 16. You can register here. This FREE online event addresses the secrets for success with raw and living foods in the real world. The speakers will share how they dealt with their challenges on their raw food journey and which key strategies have kept them on the path of success. Their strategies and wisdom can assist you in finding the path that works best for you to help you achieve your personal health [...]

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The Raw Vegan Plan: Keep it simple

Get in the game and get your low fat raw vegan plan going. So many people come to me feeling completely overwhelmed after trying to jump into a vegan or low-fat raw vegan diet without any real support or education. It’s easy to get caught up in the concept: “Well, everything I eat should be whole food and raw, so I will just stick to that—the basics.” I applaud that. And, yes you should stick to the basics—just naked, beautiful raw food. However, life is messy—good or bad—and things always come up that can derail all of your best intentions for maintaining raw vegan. Despite how simple the actual ingredients seem, our lives are a bit complicated. The Vegan Diet: Do Different. Get Different. We all have a default mode. During times of joy, crisis, celebration, mourning—you name it—we have our own coping skills. For some, it’s forgetting to [...]

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