How a raw vegan eats out

How a raw vegan eats out

You can be Raw Vegan and enjoy an evening out.

I hope you’re sitting down for this. I want to tell you something, Y’all: You do not have to fall off the raw vegan wagon every time you go out to eat. You can, in fact, enjoy your meals out if you’re willing to keep a close eye on the menu and open yourself up to the tips I’m about to share 😉

At first, one of the biggest challenges for raw vegans is navigating how to dine out and stick to a clean-eating plan for obvious reasons. Temptations are everywhere—from the smells of the kitchen to the comfortable memory of the flavors and textures. Eating, talking, laughing—How will it ever be the same without the spaghetti? Yes, it takes some getting used to.

Raw vegan establishments are pretty scarce where I live, so I have to be creative and open-minded when I’m forced to choose between a steakhouse or a burger joint. But, it can be done.

Double up your salad order. In general, a half salad is about half the cost of an entree, so you if you double up your salad order, you’ll be paying a fair price. The more greens the better, after all.

Bring your own dressing. There’s no shame in it. You’re showing up for you. Take what you need. Grab an airtight small piece of Tupperware or mason jar and throw the dressing in your bag. This dressing will taste delicious over the bed of greens you’ll be ordering later. I have a great video—How a Raw Vegan Eats Out—which includes a great quick recipe to grab on the go. (Check out my Youtube channel for this.)

Hunt the menu for items that include avocado, celery, or any veggie that can be created for a side order. Yes, there’s avocado hidden in there, which means you can order it as a side for your healthy fat. Ask for sprouts and green peppers, other items that might be used to dress sandwiches and burgers. If it’s on the menu and in the kitchen, most likely you can get it on your plate with an accommodating server.

Be polite (as a follow-up to the previous tip). I say this as a joke, but dang, a little bit of graciousness goes a long way when you want that cucumber or those raw carrots. Just keep it simple and know what you want before you order. And ask with a smile 😉

Head for the salad bar. I’ll race you there. I can eat anyone under the table at a salad bar! There’s always a selection of some sort and you have unlimited greens and veggies with total control of your plate.

The bottom line is without a plan, you have no protection. If you have a plan, you can actually go out to eat, feel satiated and full on greens, and have a beautiful night filled with love and light!

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