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Sprouts and microgreens are both packed with nutrition and are an essential part of a raw vegan diet. If you think sprouts and microgreens are difficult and time consuming to grow, think again! Both are super easy to grow right in your home and don’t require a lot of expensive equipment.

I've included some of the basics you’ll need to know about sprouts and microgreens.

For more information, check out the Sprouts and Microgreens playlist on my YouTube channel.

What’s the difference between sprouts and microgreens?

Sprouts and microgreens are both baby plants. Sprouts are seeds that have just germinated. Microgreens are those same seeds that have grown for about 10-14 days. Essentially, sprouts and microgreens encompass the first two phases of a plant’s life.

Why are sprouts and microgreens so good for you?

Even though they’re tiny, sprouts and microgreens pack a mighty punch — they’re chock full of essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In fact they can have anywhere from 40 to 100 times the nutrition of a mature plant! 

How do I grow sprouts?

Sprouts are grown in water (hydroponically).

You can invest in an automatic sprouter to grow your sprouts, or you can just grow them in a Mason jar! Just add a handful of seeds to the jar (about ¼ cup), then submerge in clean, distilled water. Drain them in about 8-12 hours, then re-submerge them and gently shake the jar. Keep rinsing and draining them daily, swirling them around to distribute them. In about one week or less, you’ll have sprouts.

For a complete tutorial on growing sprouts in a jar, watch my YouTube video: Rinsing and Watering Sprouts and Microgreens

How do I grow microgreens?

Once you’ve grown your sprouts, you can transfer them to trays to continue growing them into microgreens, or you can purchase microgreen seeds. Microgreens can be grown either in soil or hydroponically. Your microgreens will take about 1-3 weeks to grow.

You’ll begin by germinating your microgreen seeds in trays, then transferring them to growing trays. You can plant them in soil or grow them on a mat. You’ll also need to place them under a growing light.

Watch this video to see how I grow my microgreens (I put them in my old tv cabinet!), and how you can set up trays for different growing methods.

How do I eat sprouts and microgreens?

Sprouts and microgreens are both great for adding crunch to any meal! Some people might have a bit of an adjustment getting used to the taste of sprouts. You can always add them, as well as microgreens, to any raw vegan soup, salad, or smoothie. Microgreens are usually less bitter than sprouts, and many people can easily eat them just as they are!

What’s the best way to store sprouts and microgreens?

To store, put in a box and store in refrigerator, making sure they have room to breathe around the box. This allows gasses to escape. I use green boxes that I found on Amazon. They are perfect for storage! They should keep for about five days.