Crunchy Delicious Cracker Recipe!

Hey hey! What’s for dinner? I’ll tell you what’s for dinner: raw crackers!

I wanted to share this with you today because I want to show you that you can eat raw and still get the crunch you’re craving.

So I’m going to share one of my favorite dehydrator recipes with you.

Now a quick reminder: as long as your food is never warmed up at a temperature over 118° degrees, it’s raw. And raw = all nutrients intact! I make my crackers at 110°.

So here’s everything you’ll need:

leafy greens/salad mix
herb mix (I like Frontier’s Mexican Fiesta)
celery fibre (what’s left over after you’ve juiced your celery - use organic celery)
chia seeds (i recommend grinding these so you can use a smaller quantity and stretch out the fat through your cracker)
A dehydrator (you’ll find the one I use here)
The amount of each ingredient you use is totally up to you. It really depends on the result you’re looking for. If you already had some fat today, maybe just use half an avocado. If you want more moist, use more tomatoes. And if you’re sharing with your grandson, go easy on the herb blend - that stuff can get spicy 😉.

Put all contents together into a bowl. Squeeze in the lime and mash it all up. Throw the mixture into the blender and pulse until you have a batter. You can add a little water if needed to help it mix better.

Put your batter onto a Teflex sheet with a Paraflexx sheet and onto a tray. And in the dehydrator it goes!

Tip: After some time (when it seems like the batter is getting crispy), flip the tray over so that your cracker sits on another tray. Take off the paper, the bottom tray and the plastic grid, and pull up the edge of the paper slightly, to see if it’s done. If it’s not ready, you’ll know right away, and you can leave it. Keep trying until the paper is ready to be pulled off, which you should do as soon as you can. Doing it this way helps your cracker get a better airflow and this way your cracker will be ready quicker. And everybody wants a fast cracker! 😆💨

 tanny cracker large

And there you have it! A delicious, crunchy, nutritious cracker that’ll boost your gut health (the celery fibre helps to feed your good bacteria which helps balance your microbiome) and that’s where health lives: in the gut.

Click here to see the original video where I shared this recipe.

Check out my Dehydrator series on YouTube for more delicious dehydrator recipes. Everything you need, nothing you don’t!

Until next time, butterfly!

Sending hugs from the kitchen of love and light 💖✨