Hey hey ya’ll, rise and shine, it’s a new day!

Today I want to talk about journaling and helping to prepare yourself for positive change.

I like to say that “if you are waiting to have the will power, that is a long waiting line!”

Taking charge of your health and wellness should be a priority, and you have the power to make that change. You can have a new life, you have the power to change your health and life, it’s within your reach. It takes time to find your own path, and that’s okay! You must be kind to yourself so you can change your old patterns and create a new life for yourself. It’s a gift that is right there for everyone, you just have to have the initiative and take it.

It’s not selfish to want to better yourself so that you can be better for and serve others- in fact it’s quite the opposite. Let me ask you this- How are you able to be there and show up for others if you aren’t there and showing up for yourself? Keeping a journal can help you figure out your patterns, where you can improve, and how to rise above and take back your life and your personal power so you can live better, do better.

One of the things I like to talk about, especially in regards to journaling is that to be successful, you will need to crowd out some of the things, those old habits and patterns and make them fall away. Journaling, if you dedicate yourself and keep up with it regularly, can give you a reference point and help you see just how far you’ve come from where you started and can help you stay motivated, especially when you begin recording your successes and small, daily wins.


The benefits of keeping a journal are truly numerous! Here are some of them:


• Helps you to practice self-care every day. Take that moment that is yours, and embrace the wonderful change that is coming your way.

• Helps you track your progress when you’re first starting out.

• Helps practice a sense of accountability, and owning up to your mistakes, successes and small wins and appreciating those for what it’s all worth.

• Helps you break down moments, one meal at a time and acknowledge those ever-important small wins instead of feeling defeated if you’re having an off-day. Realizing that your food journal can turn into a gratitude journal over time.

• Helps you to realize that tomorrow is a new day, and that you CAN start over and work at changing and creating new, positive patterns for yourself.

• Helps you think about why you’re here, what motivates you, and helps you to acknowledge strengths and weaknesses and transform into the best version of yourself.

• Helps you stick to your convictions and make goals for yourself to work towards and track your progress at making health happen. Knowing that only YOU have the power to take control of your health and wellness and that no one else can make that decision for you. Think about what you want to create and go for it!


Why should you journal to stay on track?


To simplify health and the pillars of health. That’s the main goal here. Journaling can make health more approachable and help it turn into a good habit more effectively.

To change bad habits and replace them with good ones. It helps you to look at your opportunities, and mindset- helps you to live in the real world and understand that you can’t control the things that you can’t change about it and that’s okay as long as you're true to yourself.

To make your health the number one priority and choosing to be clean, clear, and bright and knowing that’s who you can be! That’s what you should visualize when you are taking the time out of your day and reinvesting it into journaling and reflecting on your experiences.

To take back personal responsibility and create new life, and help you realize that you are that butterfly that can create your new life and fly towards health. That this is what you make it and knowing YOU have to make the effort to live better, and it’s not just going to fall into your lap.


Tanny Tips for Keeping Your Journal:


1. Be HONEST with your journal, and I mean completely honest! Inaccurate information that is recorded in your journal impedes your progress and keeps you from realizing your potential and taking back your life.

2. Make it a priority to write, take your time and write what you are really doing and don’t let it fall by the wayside. Think of it this way- How can you take a truly honest look and what is working and what isn’t working if you aren’t making the effort to do it?

3. Show up for yourself! Making time for yourself is the ultimate form of self-love. When you sit down and journal, you are investing in yourself and in your health and wellness and encouraging yourself to succeed.

4. Don’t get behind. Show up for a few minutes with your journal each day. It doesn’t matter the time of day, just any time you have a few minutes to jot down your thoughts and feelings and doing it as soon as you remember. If you consistently fall short of spending time with your journal each day, you are forming a bad habit that is going to become increasingly difficult to overhaul in the future and impede your progress and hard work.

5. Think through your why, your personal motivating and driving factors. Learn what does and doesn’t work for you and don’t give up! If something doesn’t work for you, find a substitute, don’t just give up. Everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing to take back their life and focus on their health and wellness, so what’s yours? Be specific!

6. Track your symptoms, your feelings, emotions, what you think is working, what you think isn’t and how you’re improving or ways you think you can do better. This again goes back to being honest with your journal and with yourself.

7. Make and set small, attainable goals for yourself. This means dropping the victim mentality, planning to do better, and to keep trying even when things get tough. Thinking about and coming up with small goals that are simple and attainable can make a huge difference in whether you succeed or fail.

Dedicate yourself to having a breakfast smoothie or having a mug of warm lemon water first thing in the morning each day and that can help pave the path for future goals. These small goals will help to motivate you and help you find success with little things which in turn builds up your feelings of achievement and self-confidence, propelling you forward.

8. Say good morning to yourself with date, notes to yourself. Stats: BM, Swelling, Skin appearance/concerns, pain levels, mood and what you’re grateful for that day. What time you get up- what are you doing, what are you eating? Be specific! Add details! You mess up? Okay, why? Were you stressed, didn’t get enough sleep? What happened? Use different colors for slip ups. Different colors for stats and general notes. Different colors for small wins and successes!

9. Acknowledge your slip ups and then move past them. Get back to your plan after you slip up, and know that you’re only human and be kind to yourself. Be forgiving to yourself. It’s okay, it happens! Track water, sleep, if-then planning- such as "if I keep having donut then what will I do different, how will it affect me over time?" Etc.…

10. Fall in love with new life, your story, and yourself. Think about where you came from, where you’re growing and changing and where you’re headed now. You are an individual, love yourself, you CAN do great things!

If you are consistent, you will see results, you will become clean, clear and bright.

The point of power is always in the present moment. Have a plan. You will get overwhelmed by the noise of the world. Work the plan and the plan will work. Make a safe space for yourself. Love yourself. Share light and love and stay true to yourself. Make those positive changes and you will succeed in becoming healthier. Show up for yourself. Believe in yourself. Be specific. Positive change is coming and you deserve it!

Love and light to you all!