Keeping it Real with Raw Vegan Dishes (+ Free Recipes)

One concern I often hear from people about transitioning to or maintaining a vegan diet, particularly a raw vegan diet, is that it will be boring.

Friends! Raw vegan is anything but boring! If you follow me on Instagram you already know this. I’m always posting photos of delicious recipes I made, and I’m coming up with new ones every day!

Don’t believe me? Check out my Nori Rolls, my Zoodles with Sweet and Spicy Creamy Mustard Sauce or even one of my masterpieces (if I may say so myself), the Creamy Microgreen and Sweet Avocado Soup (pictured below).

 tannyraw meal photo large

Here’s the truth: any diet can be boring if you default to the same old things. Or it can be fun. Which of the two will usually depend on how much you’re willing to experiment.

The name of the game here is just familiarizing yourself with eating uncooked food, discovering which flavors you enjoy most after you’ve cleared your body and taste buds of the cravings for artificial, addictive food.

So, please, go ahead and click on any of those recipes above if you need inspiration.

Love and Light,

Tanny 🦋🦋🦋