Let's Build Your Plan!

Eating whole, live foods is a highway to love + light + vibrancy in your life, but remember that what works for one individual won’t necessarily be the best thing for the next person.

You are an individual. You have an absolutely unique set of cells that nobody else on the planet has.

When thinking about what you’ll eat in a day, there are many factors to take into account. What is your weight? What is your height? Do you exercise? Work out how many calories you want to be hitting each day based on that criteria. But remember, this is not about weight loss, it’s about longevity. It’s about living a long, healthy and vibrant life.

A sustainable plan to build health means maximizing the nutrients per calorie on every forkful of food.

You might not even change the amount of calories you consume each day, because maybe that’s not the problem. Maybe the problem is that you just aren’t getting enough nutrients.

What we’re looking for here is high nutrients, high quality food, and high vibe for your everyday life ✨.

So you need to build your own personalized plan. Let’s hash it out a little. Head to my video where I show you how I do it.

I recommend starting by dividing your calories out through each meal. Or, if you prefer, you could eat most of them with dinner and have lower calorie meals throughout the day. That’s what I do.

Once you’ve made your plan, the important thing is to stick to it. Creating those good habits, that routine, doing it day after day. That doesn’t mean you have to go fully raw right this second. All I’m saying is, meet yourself where you are today. Just take the leap. Then next week you can think about what your next level is and step up to that.

And if you keep on doing that, before you know it you’ll be feeling good and you’ll be looking good. You’ll be the person that you know you can be, the one that’s inside that’s been repressed all these years.

Take some time to invest in yourself, so that you can invest in others. Because if we’re not the best version of ourselves then guess what? We’re cheating the friends and family that we’re trying to love.

Have a plan and work your plan 💪. Here’s a video to help get you started.

Remember, healing is real 💖

Love + Light,