Hey hey you beautiful people!

Today I want to welcome you into the kitchen and we’re going to talk about Nori Rolls and how to make them yourself!

Nori rolls are a great way to get an influx of nutritious, living food, and they really are an easy way to get everything you need and nothing you don’t. Part of the raw vegan lifestyle is planning ahead and being proactive about your health instead of reactive.

A big part of this lifestyle is your attitude towards it. Your attitude is everything when it comes to planning and succeeding.

Health is from cumulative action, think about this- is what you’re doing healing you or killing you? Reframing your actions and reflecting on them can help you see the bigger picture of your health and wellness and put you on the path to success. That being said, stop what is offending your body and lean into natural health, and I’m happy to help!

No one is coming to save you, only you have the power to build up your own true health and immune system!

When I come up with recipes such as these Nori Rolls, my goal is to help you succeed and to make it as simple as possible for you to stay on the path to health and wellness. If you need more wholesome, raw vegan recipe inspiration, head on over to my YouTube channel where I have plenty of recipe videos to help inspire you!

Let’s Make Some Nori Rolls!

(Note: I get a lot of questions from people about why Nori rolls tend to fall apart. Oftentimes, the reason is simple- people get excited and overfill them or they are made too far in advance which makes them less stable. With that in mind, let’s talk briefly about what you will need to make this recipe.)

A very sharp knife

A blender (I like to use my Vitamix!)

A large bowl for mixing your cabbage slaw in

A mixing spoon


Nori Roll Recipe:


Raw, untoasted, organic nori sheet (you can buy some at rawnori.com or use Emerald Cove brand

Bag of organic cabbage slaw

¼ cup of soaked, raw walnuts (this helps make it easier to digest and blend)

1 whole lemon, (peeled but leave the pith, or the white part of the lemon) as it is a wonderful source of extra nutrients

1 large yellow bell pepper

1 TBSP wakame seaweed (this adds a nice saltiness)

1 large pitted date

1 cup of chopped celery

Got everything you need? Great! I’m so excited to share this recipe with you!

1. Dump your bag of cabbage slaw into your large bowl and set it aside.

2. Place all of the ingredients above (sans nori sheet) into your blender and blend until smooth. Pour dressing over slaw and mix until combined.

3. Take out a sheet of Nori. There are two different sides to the nori sheet- a “shiny” side and a “matte” side. (Personally, I’ve found that by laying the ingredients on the slicker side, it isn’t as apt to fall apart when I cut.) Lay your nori sheet out flat, “matte” side down.

4. Add some greens! Greens give the Nori rolls a nice crunch and adds additional nutrition. Cut the spine out of the greens and lay them on the nori sheet as a barrier between wet items and drier items-this will help give your Nori roll a better shape and make it less likely to fall apart. Lay peppers on top of greens, and then add your slaw.

5. Fold corner over and roll it as tight as you can without busting the roll open. Some of it will fall out of your roll and that’s okay. Cut it off with a clean, sharp knife. Begin slicing your roll- ensure the seam of where you rolled the nori sheet stays down otherwise it will peel up and make a mess. You can cut your roll diagonally or straight, just make sure you clean the knife in between each cut or you may have a hard time keeping the cuts neat!

6. Be creative! Just because I chose these ingredients, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have too. Mix it up and enjoy the process and have fun with it!

Thank you for joining me in the kitchen today! I do hope you found some helpful information and enjoyed the recipe! If you need a little help getting started, head on over to my YouTube video where we talk about Nori rolls by clicking here!

Are you ready for change?

Now is the time to get your health in check.

Think about it and reflect- What will it take to get you to succeed? You’ve got to start somewhere, and acknowledge those little wins, whether you make these nori rolls, drink your lemon water first thing in the morning, or plan a meal or two in advance, all of those are positive steps to change! Embrace the journey, make small goals- those small goals are what lead to lasting results and acknowledging those successes will get you so far!

I see people change their life and you can do that too, you can change your life, rewrite your life. Not just what you’re doing but what you aren’t doing. You can’t change what you’ve been through but you can rewrite the ending. Make it matter to you.

Strive for true health and vitality, not just being raw vegan and take it one step at a time.
Moments plus moments equals momentum and I want you to understand you are stronger than you know.

You are not damaged goods!

You are the only person getting in your way. People care about you; you should care about yourself. If you practice loving yourself, being kind to yourself and showing up for yourself, you will reap the rewards of being clear, clean and bright!

Be the light in this dark world. You are a beautiful soul.

I love you and appreciate you and I will see you in the land of love and light! Thanks for joining me today, and enjoy your delicious nori rolls!