Butterfly Dressings Ebook

Butterfly Dressings Ebook


45 Raw Vegan – Oil Free, Salt Free – Dressings


It is my hope to show you in this book how easy it can be to put together a great dressing with a few whole food items. they will bring your raw food salads to life! Over the past 15 years on my vegan journey and the last 10 being more of a low fat raw vegan plan, I have always struggled with dressings until the last few years. I have taught myself to hit all the flavor marks! Dressings always seemed to have something missing or just be plain toxic to my body. Most are loaded with chemicals , salt , refined sugar and fat! the recipes in this book are one of the very big reasons I have been able to stick to this lifestyle for so long with extreme success. I hope you find them helpful too.



45 Oil-free, Salt-free, Raw Vegan Dressing Recipes

My favorite go-to salad dressing and dip recipes.

This is an eBook to download and store on your device, not a printed book.

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