Love & Light eBook

Love & Light eBook


35 Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipes To Get You Through Winter


I am so happy to bring you my new recipe book! I hope you love my latest hearty recipes and that they become your go-to recipes during the winter. I use these exact recipes to feel satisfied during the colder months. You won’t miss cooked foods with these warming nutritious recipes! I only use easily accessible and affordable ingredients. I try to buy organic as much as my lifestyle allows. The majority of my calories come from fruit and I eat a minimum of one pound of greens a day. I keep it simple in the daytime with fruit and green smoothies and I save my healthy fats for my evening meals to satiate me 🙂 This is the plan for success my friends!

I have been able to lose 88 pounds and maintain it for 9 years now on a High Carb Low Fat Raw Vegan diet. I have never felt better in my entire life, living this simple lifestyle. I know it can help you too, as I have seen hundred of people transform their life the same way. Fresh whole ripe raw fruits and veggies for the win! Thank you for coming along with me on my little journey and may you have all the health and happiness that we all deserve.

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35 Low-fat raw Vegan recipes to get you through winter.

Hearty, nutritious comfort food, low-fat raw vegan style!

This is an eBook to download and store on your device, not a printed book.

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