The Raw Reset with TannyRaw November 2021


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Begins Tuesday, November 30th at 7am EST

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What they are saying about the Raw Reset

 "Two Resets, 30 lbs gone, several van loads of clutter gone, a toolbox overflowing with everything I need to be successful and I totally feel this is my life and my body embracing healing!” —Kristi

“For the first time in my life, I feel free in my body. I know what the plan is. I stick to it because the results keep coming. Just stick to your plan and trust in Tanny's process!” —Rebecca

About the Program

The Raw Reset is a 4-Week Immersive, Low-Fat, Raw Vegan Diet + Lifestyle Program With TannyRaw. This month-long group coaching program is ideal for anyone who wants to up-level their health through a delicious, versatile raw vegan diet and lifestyle.

Here's how it works...

  • I present LIVE in my private Facebook Group every morning on a new topic in alignment with a theme for the week. (You'll get an assignment based on this theme ;) These are recorded so you can watch anytime during the program.
  • I'm also in the group responding and cheering you on daily, but THE game-changer is the support of the community we build during our month together. You'll meet women and men from all over the world who share the same goals: to CHOOSE health. To choose life. To choose themselves!
  • Every Saturday, we do a LIVE Q&A where everyone gets their questions answered! These are EPIC.
  • I share TONS of recipes throughout The Reset to keep you inspired and loving what's on your plate.

Wherever you are in your health journey—from my newbies to my advanced friends in the Group—I provide plenty of content to keep you successful and moving forward toward your goals.

From eating raw vegan on a budget and dining out (with haters) to cleansing your gut tract, I make being raw vegan accessible and something you can truly do every day of your life and reap all of the rewards.

Between 18+ years on a plant-based diet and my work with 1000+ women and men on their health journeys, I'm giving you exactly what you need, how to do it, when do it, and why to do it.

This program is for you if you want to establish a goal, keep it, and have a clear path forward to meet it.


  • A raw vegan framework and plan guaranteed to satisfy and last a lifetime
  • A guided workbook with tips and tricks to use throughout the month and...forever
  • TONS of care-free no-stress recipes to keep it interesting
  • Daily live and recorded talks
  • Access to my private Facebook group
  • 4 live Q&As—Get your questions answered!
  • The Do Different. Get Different eBook Journal
  • Dressings for Any Occasion eBook