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Low Fat Raw Vegan: The Raw Reset

Hey, Hey, early bird!


Are you addicted to foods with high fats? Sugar? Salt? Coffee?

Stop with the offenders. Get out of your body’s way!

I will show you how. We’ll reset and re-balance your body together.




I have worked with hundreds of individuals on health and nutrition through my mentorship program. I, like countless others, suffered from a host of health issues— from lethargy and brain fog to IBS.


My move to Low Fat Raw Vegan (LFRV) changed my life completely. I lost 86 pounds, cleared my skin, and even changed my eye color on a low fat, high carb raw vegan diet and lifestyle.


Tanny Raw Before and After


Thankfully, I discovered the Low Fat Raw Vegan community and have been blessed to help people, no matter where they are in their current diet. I made the change through food intake. And you can too.



As a mentor and advocate, it is so absolutely rewarding to watch my clients begin to heal—smell, taste, and feel better as they introduce raw, healthy eating into their diets.


I am here to share my tips and strategies for feeling better by eating the right foods for you. You will be guided through my philosophy, to take in “Everything you need. Nothing you don’t,” so that you fall in love with food (the way I did) and empower yourself to make the change from feeling drab, tired, ill, and unworthy to alive, healthy, vibrant, and free.


I understand the challenges people face as they try to make healthful changes in their diet for big impact. It takes support, commitment, and education. It takes being ready for change. I have the tools and personal experience to guide you through this amazing time in your life.


Raw Reset is a 4-week intensive program to give you the support and information you need to make changes that will radically impact your life.

Are you stuck in a vicious circle of feeling low on energy and addicted to the wrong things?

This program will amp up your efforts for clean living because I, along with other Resetters, will be there, along the way, to guide you through food options and what is happening to your body based on what you put in your mouth.

Throughout the 4 weeks, you can expect:

• Weight loss
• Clearer skin and eyes
• Increased mental clarity
• A feeling of lightness
• A feeling of empowerment
• How to shop healthfully, yet inexpensively
• Positive CHANGES in your appearance and attitude towards life


Raw Reset is a 4-week intensive program that really shakes things up! This program gives your body the time it needs to heal and clear up lethargy, irregular bowel movements, and toxins that wreaking havoc on your health. With guidance, support, and positive vibes, I will work with you to incorporate delicious, rich, high carb low fat raw vegan foods into your diet for maximum nutrition and benefits to your health.


I have thousands of recipes, words of encouragement, and a belief in you that you can do this. You can!

This course includes:

• A Welcome Packet
• A personalized plan
• Exclusive live video chats with Tanny
Weekly specialized content just for your Raw Reset group
• Access to an exclusive private facebook group (Raw Resetters only!) for continual support during your 4 week journey
• The support of other Resetters
• A free copy (of your choice) of any one of my eBooks filled with delicious, healthy recipes



Make the Change!

The total cost for the program is $299 for 4 weeks of intensive support and education on living freely and healthful through food.

Join me on this 4-week journey!

Let’s do this.


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