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Awe shucks …

I have so much gratitude for my clean-eating and raw vegan community. I can’t help but share some of the really special comments that continue to warm my heart.

Meet Rhonda, Raw Reset Champion

Learn about Rhonda’s experience participating in the 4-week Raw Reset (Above).

If you are interested in improving your life in ways more dramatic than you can imagine then participate in a Raw Reset.

You will be astounded by what you will learn, what will happen to your body and your overall functioning in the world. If you remember when you had a spark, purpose and zest for life you can recapture it. Give yourself the best gift of your life you deserve it.

Amanda, Raw Reset Participant

It was an amazing month of self-empowerment!!

I learned and re-learned tips that I can apply towards becoming a better ME! I feel like healing is real and it can happen to ME! I am hopeful for the future and feel young at 62! Tanny’s love and encouragement meant the world to me! Great investment in my health and well being; so glad I took this step and gave myself this gift!

Amelia, Raw Reset Participant

I have tried everything in the past to lose weight and truly become a healthy person.

I have taken some avenues that I wish I had not such as diet pills, binging, fasting in an unhealthy way and so many other things. I had also tried ways that seem to work for everyone else, but never seemed to actually do anything for me, or at the very least not things that I could do long term in my real life, such as tons of hours at the gym everyday, weight watchers, and even other raw diet plans. But then I found Tanny on Instagram and her story just spoke to my heart; and then I watched her, and everything she shares is her real life, her real daily life! No making food just to post pictures, no ridiculous claims, no videos every morning of 10mile runs of gym sessions that no every one can nor wants to do.

Just a beautiful lady, around my age, eating real food that everyone can afford, giving the best simply delicious recipes I have ever tasted, and jumping on a mini trampoline…she has created a life that anyone and everyone can be inspired by and also can replicate for their own success.

After almost 30yrs of food addiction/binging/food issues and constant weight gain that turned into unbelievably low self-esteem just 1 month on Tanny Raw and I had lost more weight then I could have dreamed, and my food issues literally disappeared! I will be thankful for the plan Tanny gave me and follow it every day for the rest of my life.

Tanny is a humble genius and an inspiration to all!

Jodie, Raw Reset Participant

For anyone on the fence about enrolling in Tanny’s Raw Reset I would strongly encourage you to give it a chance.

This experience is life changing in so many ways.  Learning how to go raw and being supported by Tanny and other group members is amazing.  I have tried to go raw many times and failed. This was the first time it worked for me.  I now know that I was not working with all the pieces of the puzzle in my earlier attempts. Tanny’s meal plans are super easy to stick to. The food is beyond enjoyable.  If there is any type of extended reset in the future I am jumping right in!  Thanks for everything Tanny!!  Your light shines so bright that it is able to lead others away from the darkness.  Thank you.

Keri, Raw Reset Participant

Where to start

Ok I have been on this journey for about 5 years. I stumbled upon Tanny’s YouTube videos and was so drawn in by her being her authentic self and sharing her knowledge and journey. She speaks truly to the weaknesses and self-love issues we all struggle with. I am forever grateful for this reset and Tanny for loving me while I learn to love myself. I actually think I can do this thing being unique and standing out from the crowd. Much Love! to Tanny for allowing us to share her mistakes so we can make better choices.

Shelly, Raw Reset Participant

Tanya Murphy is the definition of INSPIRATIONAL.

If you want to improve your Health and Wellbeing,
the Raw Reset is the answer. The Daily Live Calls helped me stick to my plan and the support from the
private Facebook page was wonderful.

Do it!

Mary, Raw Reset Participant

Tanya is such a bright light.

She shares her wisdom and passion for healthy eating with so much loving kindness. I am so grateful to have been part of the experience.

Anonymous, Raw Reset Participant

I did Tanny’s raw reset, and it was life changing.

I understood so much more about food, calories and what was needed to lose and maintain weight. Tanny went above and beyond in the reset with the time and energy she put in, and the daily videos and interaction were immeasurable in my success and accountability.  I was and am so grateful for having been a part of this and that Tanny offers this reset. I don’t know of anyone else that would invest this amount of time and effort (every single day for 30 days) for her clients. Loved It!!

Della, Raw Reset Participant

Tanny puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

The Raw Reset exceeded my expectations beyond belief. The community Tanny created and the way she showed up with such powerful presence, encouragement and inspiration every single day was incredible. If you’re ready to get your health on track and make yourself a priority, you will love working with Tanny. I am so blessed and grateful to have met her.

I am going into the holiday season more than 40 pounds lighter than when I started my work with her. This is just the beginning!

Celeste, Raw Reset Participant, Raw Reset Participant